The promoter

Dr. J.-Robert Ouimet

C.M., C.Q., Ph.D., MBA, L.Sc.Com., L.Sc.Pol.

Dr J.-Robert Ouimet is Chairman of the Board and Chief Executive Officer of Holding O.C.B. Inc., Cordon Bleu International Ltd., Groupe Ouimet-Cordon Bleu Inc., – Paris Pâté – Esta – Clark Foods and the Foundation « To God Go ».

Dr. Ouimet holds a number of degrees; a licence in Commercial Sciences from HEC-Montréal (University of Montreal), a licence in Political and Social Sciences from the University of Fribourg – Switzerland (Magna Cum Laude), an MBA from the University of Colombia (New York) and a Doctorate degree in Social and Economic Sciences also from the University of Fribourg in Switzerland (Magna Cum Laude for public defense).

Dr. Ouimet currently sits on the Board of Directors, or has sat on the Board of Directors, in the following organizations : Canadian Council of Chief Executives – CCCE, Cercle des Entrepreneurs (members), Canadian Chamber of Commerce, HEC–Montreal, Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal, Youth and Music Canada, Foundation for the Clinical Institute of Research Montreal (IRCM), Musée d’Art contemporain, Château Ramesay Museum, International Spirit at Work Awards (New York, USA), National Bank of Canada, Petro-Canada, Zellers, General Investment Corporation (GIC), Corporate Foods, Industrial Alliance Life Insurance Company, L’Industrielle Alliance Financière and Grocery Products Manufacturers of Canada.

He is a Knight of the Sovereign Order of Malta, a Knight of the “Ordre des Gardiens du Mont-Sion” and of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem ( it is one of the rare decorations worn during a private audience with the Pope our Saint Father) and Knight of the Order of Canada. He holds a diploma emeritus from HEC and during the 100th anniversary celebrations of the HEC foundation in Montreal in 2007, the majority of the MBA students elected him « Mentor of the Century ». He also received the Prize « Ramsès International » by « Les Journées internationales de la Qualité et du Management intégré de Paris ». More recently, in 2009, he was the recipient of the Award « Career » from the Québec Employers’ Council, as well as a Doctorate Honoris Causa for the totality of his life’s work ratified by the departments of Philosophy and of Political Economy as well as the Department of religious studies at the University of Laval in Quebec.

In the last years, Dr. J.-Robert Ouimet has visited more than a hundred university campuses as well as companies in North America, in Europe, in the Middle-East and in Asia. These visits allowed him to give approximately 260 conferences with both public and private testimonials to both executives and managers of corporations, professors and students in the study of Management. In turn, this has allowed him to meet thinkers, and key people in the application of spirituality in the management of organizations; many of which have visited his manufacturing site and have freely exchanged with the personnel of his company.

Dr. J-R. Ouimet’s biography is published in French and translated in English, Spanish and Polish. Each preface of these editions has been written by Thomas D’Aquino, Roberto Servitje and Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz from Poland. Dr. J.-Robert Ouimet is also the author of two academic manuscripts not for public sale on Our Project. The 4 editions of the reputed Golden Book (approximately 21,000 copies have been distributed in French, English and in Spanish) provide a summary of his doctorate thesis and the model of management in place in the company since 1933. About twentyish well known executives in profitable companies, in the cultural sector and in the education sector have added a word of appreciation and evaluation. For the 75th anniversary of the foundation of the companies, a brochure was published and rendered public which is called “In search of an organization that shines” It was published in French, English and Spanish.