The advantages

The implementation of Our Project started in 1933. Even with constant highs and lows in both the human and economic areas, we have achieved the following:

A healthy and dynamic company

which constantly grows and develops as much on the human level as its profitability;

Salary and general remuneration

with a social security plan more or less superior to the average set in the industry in a similar workplace;

A sense of belonging

which fosters employees in taking on responsibilities beyond their career path;

Devoted employees

and a turn-over rate which is often below industry levels;

Both customers and suppliers

that are happy to deal with an organization that shines;

Enlightenment and a certain “glow”

in the family of personnel and the surrounding communities,

Creativity and new ideas,

a joie de vivre in each individual and among those in the workplace;


from each and every employee towards the environment;

The shine

An organization that shines has a beneficial effect in every aspect; :
on each person who contributes and to the growth of competitive profits as well as the growth of human well-being at work.


Each and every individual in the life of a company interprets their own values of transcendence (see inner circle above) in which he belongs freely. This may mean the Creator, a Supreme Being (a Superior Power), God of Love, or again, God, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Allah, Jehovah, Buddhism, Hinduism, or any other beliefs related to spiritual values or any given religion. The latter, spiritual values or any given religion and its’ traditions, belongs to the 6th circle, or the center circle, in the illustration above.

Each of the five arrows illustrates the relationship between the chosen values which moves in and out of the five groups in a loop fashion which in turn provides feedback on a constant basis.

An ensemble of a variety of activities of the Human ISMA brings to the workplace these values. Again, these values must move within the center circle and hence are strengthened with the help of the Creator, the Supreme Being or a God of love or by any spirituality, religious tradition or transcendence chosen freely by the individual.


Integrated Systems of Management Activities
In the last 50 years, especially in the Western world, business schools have developed Integrated economic Systems of Management Activities (ISMA-Economic).

The main steps of an economic ISMA are:

  • planning;
  • organisation;
  • coordination;
  • motivation;
  • control

However, beginning in the year 2000, we see, in the world economic system, the emergence of three serious flaws which can bring us to the edge of an important world-wide social revolution.

. The first flaw is fraud and poor management on the part of companies. Secondly, there is a growth in dehumanization in the workplace. Third and last, there is an imbalance in the distribution of wealth in the world between the “very rich” and the “very poor” whether it be individuals, companies, nations or continents.

In the above illustration of the Keystone, the left column is representative of the Economic ISMA. The right column represents the Human ISMA. The two columns, in constant tension with one another, are crowned by the Keystone. The Keystone symbolizes the many numerous values, which are profoundly human and spiritual, brought by the Human ISMA. These values are representative of the chosen spirituality or religious traditions, God of love or the Supreme Being, chosen by each and everyone in a superb climate of freedom.

The objective of Our Project is to put at work the two ISMA with the help of the Keystone. To accomplish this objective, we have involved our personnel to foster a culture that allows just that. In 50 years, we have discovered, experimented and used different activities such as:

  • Rigorous employee recruitment process (many interviews per candidate)
  • A meal for four and final interview before hiring an employee,
  • Coaching/sponsoring of new personnel for a period of 6 months
  • Training in regards to Our Project,
  • Spiritual guide,
  • Spiritual support group,
  • Room specifically designed for reflective silence and relaxation
  • Prize of the heart,
  • Wall posters,
  • A gesture,

  • Bi-annual testimonials
  • Annual retreat for a period of two days
  • Bilateral meetings annually
  • Community meals,
  • Moment of silence before and after meetings
  • Company prayer at the end of each board of director and management committee meetings

Individual experience

We are living it in the companies founded by J.-René Ouimet in 1933. Our main trademarks are Cordon Bleu, Clark, Paris Pâté and Esta. The selection of executives and managers as well as administrators is rigorously guided by the following criterion:

  • Strong leadership,
  • Working conditions that are competitive,
  • Required level of technical and professional competence,
  • Placing the human factor first,
  • Authenticity and humility,
  • Heart of flesh and not heart of stone.

We spread the word

Since the early 2000s, we have been spreading Our Project throughout the world. We have done so in about 260 public lectures in the Americas, Europe, the Middle East and Asia given by Dr. J.-Robert Ouimet  as well as by the leadership team of our economic enterprises and of the foundation “To God go.”

We therefore are meeting throughout the world with groups of executives, leaders, teachers and MBA students, to tell them about the experience of Our Project as well as to provide personal testimonies. Hundreds of people have also come to visit us, to meet our staff, in Montreal.