With our project, we believe we can reconcile the constant growth of human well-being as well as personal growth with the quest for competitive profits.

We believe it is possible in all sorts of organizations such as:

  • A market-oriented economy
  • A Hospital
  • A University
  • A Foundation
  • Any government body

Of course, it is possible to reconcile the growth of human well-being with the quest for profits under the condition that executives and managers of a given organization are open to a spiritual way of life whether it be a God of love or any traditional religious or spiritual beliefs chosen by an individual in the secret corner of their conscience. Without such beliefs, no organization is capable of living our project over a great number of years.

The values ​​in the daily work..

When our project is in motion from day to day and moves progressively forward, then the following values become more and more present in the daily working life of each and every individual:

  • Dignity
    • Faith
    • Serenity
    • Hope
  • Solidarity
    • Freedom
    • Brotherhood
    • Responsibility
  • Authenticity
    • Efficiency
    • Wisdom
    • Love
  • Attentive listening to others
    • Humility
    • Justice
    • Forgiveness
  • Courage
    • Charity
    • La joie de vivre
    • Economic prudence